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Treatment method for emergency shutdown of twin-screw extruder

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Twin-screw extruders share the extruder principles of single-screw extruders: solids conveying, melting, pressurizing and pumping, mixing, stripping and devolatilization, but not just that. The use of twin-screw extruders is different, and the auxiliary equipment used for matching is also different, such as cutters, blow dryers, printing devices, etc.


There are two main ways to deal with the emergency shutdown of the twin-screw extruder: emergency shutdown and normal shutdown. Its main steps are as follows:

1. Emergency stop.

Once an emergency occurs during the operation of the twin-screw extruder unit, the emergency stop button should be pressed immediately (or when the stop button of the faulty part is pressed, the main machine will generally be stopped); Adjust the speed control knob to the first position, and shut down other auxiliary systems. After the fault is solved, start the car again according to the normal driving sequence. Recommended reading: Precautions for installation of twin-screw extruder.

2. Normal parking.

When the extruder stops due to non-failure, it can be stopped in the following order: close the gate of the hopper outlet; adjust the speed of the feeder to the first position, press the stop switch button; turn off the vacuum system, and gradually reduce the screw speed When changing new materials, the remaining material in the barrel should be exhausted as much as possible, until the material is basically emptied), after the main engine speed is adjusted to the first position, press the main motor stop button; cut off the multi-power switch on the main engine control cabinet, cut off The main power switch of the incoming electricity; close the water inlet valves; clean the machine