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PPR 4 Layer Co-extrusion Line


This type of extrusion utilizes two or more extruders to melt and deliver a steady volumetric through put of different viscous plastics to a single extrusion head (die) which will extrude the materials in the desired form.

Advantage Introduction

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe is made from a thermoplastic that contains mainly PVC resin with the addition of compounds such as stabilisers, lubricants, plasticisers, pigments and other products that aid in the manufacturing process.


The pipes are durable, hard to damage, and long lasting. They do not rust, rot, or wear over time. For that reason, PVC piping is most commonly used in water systems, underground wiring, and sewer lines.

Date Information

Main Extruder1 set Sj65/33 & 3sets SJ45/30
Pipe Diameter21.7, 28.8, 34, 43, 49, 61
Die Head21.7-61
Down-stream EquipmentVacuum FeederHopper DryerColor MixerHot transfer
Total Power132kw


Highly Efficient

Energy Efficiency

Highly Reliable

Highly Efficient

Energy Efficiency

Highly Reliable

Customer Case

Introduction to the delivery process

The Vietnam customer choose 3 suppliers for comparison before last decision, he came and check our machinery before he placed the order.

He already have 3 plastic pipe extrusion line in factory,2 PPR pipe (20-63mm ) and 1 HDPE pipe (75-250mm ),he want to set up 2 PVC pipe production lines? this time after he get the market research from local, one line for electrical conduit use diameter range 16-40mm ,the other line for water convey as drainage use diameter range 50-160mm,we recommend him our 2 strand extrusion line for small diameter and single extrusion line for big diameter, he was pleased? with our recommendation and signed the sales contract on 10th? March, we get the down pay on 15th March after he return back.

He came and visit factory again on 18th April, his purpose of this trip is to see the machines running before shipment, our engineer arrange everything before his coming such as wiring connect, water and compressed air supply, after 2 hours preheating, the pipe came out successfully at one time, he was very satisfied with our machine quality and quality of finished pipe, we loaded all machines into 2X40GP container on 25th April, our customer indicate us he will purchase another PVC pipe production line next year.