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One Day 4 Container Machines Loading

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In April we mainly produced the Pipe extrusion line. On April 11, we shipped a four-container machine. Two containers were sent to Uzbekistan and two containers were sent to Israel.

 Pipe extrusion line

The pipe extrusion line consists of a control system, an extruder, a handpiece, a sizing cooling system, a tractor, a planetary cutting device and a tumbling frame. When the plastic pipe production line fails, the surface of the plastic pipe will be rough, the internal vibration ring will appear, and there will be no vacuum. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the failure of the plastic pipe production line in time to improve the product quality.


The PE pipe production line adopts PE high-efficiency screw, slotted barrel and powerful water jacket cooling, which greatly improves the conveying capacity and ensures efficient extrusion; high-torque vertical structural gearbox; DC drive motor. The basket-type compound die for polyolefin processing guarantees high-efficiency extrusion stability while achieving minimum stress and highest tube quality with low melt temperatures.


The pipe produced by PE pipe production line has moderate rigidity, strength, good flexibility, creep resistance, environmental stress crack resistance and good heat fusion performance. It has become the first choice for urban gas transmission pipelines and outdoor water supply pipes.


Then we show you some pipe extrusion line control system :

Fairly high precision temperature-control device

Speed regulative system with stable operation

Control components with reliable performance

Plasticization controllable which optimizes its plasticization performance

Low melt temperature makes the melt body even.

Machine barrel and screw made with introduction of German technology

Non-maintenance operation, super-quiet blower cooling cylinder

Resistance porcelain heater coil, Germany origin design for out looking

Control system is also available with Microcomputer.