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Last month, we were back from Guangzhou. If you know more about us, you must know we have attended the Canton Fair. In this exbihition, many customers came to talk with us. More of them is very interested in our pipe extrusion line. Two of them visit our factory and they are very interested our production. So we have achieved good cooperation with them.

 Canton Fair

One of our new cooperation wanted to start his business to make PC tubes. PC/PP Hollow Cross-Section Sheet Extrusion Line can be for produce PC PP and PE sheet, it also can be for producing PC and PP hollow cross-section sheet. This sheet extrusion line is equipped high performance vented extruder, die, screen change system, vacuum forming table, cooling rocket , haul-off unit , cutting unit and etc. The PC hollow cross-section sheet is used in Construction of sunroof ; Rain shed; Transparent shields; Skylight; Sign boards; Sound insulation board.

 PPR Pipe Extrusion Line manufacturer

Other is just want to order PPR tube extrusion line.This PPR Pipe Extrusion Line adopts high efficiency single screw extruder, equipped with the PID or PLC controlling system. It can ensure the whole line automatic controlling of high capacity, stable extruding with the suitable changing of different units could realize the production job of PP-R, PE-RT, PB pipe.

 PC/PP Hollow Cross-Section Sheet Extrusion Line manufacturer

PC tubes is one of our additional production in HUADE Machinery. We usually produce PVC pipe making machine and some additional products. Such as various of pipe extrusion line, plastic extruder, plastic recycling machinery and so on.